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What is Atomic User Experience Design

What is Atomic UX Research? πŸ€”

We all know that user research is the key to every succesful product, but with the mess that research brings, how do we know we’re capturing the right ideas? Features? Opportunities? How do we make sense of the terabytes of data?

Atomic UXR is a new UX research framework that makes research more actionable by standardising how it’s organized, analyzed and synthesized into a modular knowledge system that gives your insights room to grow into concrete, evidence-based design conclusions. πŸ’ͺ🏻

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What's Included in the 101 Course? πŸŽ“

  • 1 Hour of Video Lessons (and counting)

  • Introductory Atomic UX Research Templates ($99 Value)

  • Access to Atomic UXR Community

Atomic UXR 101 Course

Check Out the Course Syllabus πŸ“–

Atomic UXR Introductory Course 101

Atomic UXR: Zero to Basics

Hit the ground running by learning all about UX Repositories, what they are and how to skillfully choose and navigate it for information about users, and tracing design choices to underlying insights.

  • What is Atomic UXR?

    5 min

  • What is Grounded Theory and Thematic Analysis?

    8 min

  • Introduction to Knowledge Pyramids and Atomic UXR

    14 min

  • Observations/Facts

    17 min

  • Finding and Creating Insights

    8 min

  • Themes and Thematic Insights

    11 min

  • Research Recommendations and Conclusions

    6 min


What is Atomic User Experience Design

Courses in Development 🚧

Atomic UXR 201: For Solo Researchers

It's hard enough doing all of the research, let us help you speed up your time to insights.

Atomic UXR 301: Managing Teams and Communicating to Executives

Learn how to manage terabytes of data and hundreds of insights efficiently so you and your team can work on what really matters.


Virtual Meetup πŸ–₯

Once a month, we gather virtually for about an hour to share our current projects, ask questions, and learn from each other.

Atomic UXR Team Members

Get to Know the Team πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸš€

Brennan Martin

Lead UX Researcher, Designer and Instructor

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